Scope of Services

Our services include but not limited to;
  1. Review and advise on the adequacy and appropriateness of the insurance policies procured to ensure that the insurance programme:
    • Identification and analysis of risks
    • Advise on economically viable methods of reducing or eliminating these risks as far as possible
    • Examination of the adequacy and suitability of policy wording, and relevant clauses and recommendation of appropriate extensions and endorsements
  2. Review and recommend retention/deductible limits and limits of indemnity,
  3. Confirm that all insurances are in full force and effect and that all premiums have been paid in full.
  4. The insurances are to the best of our knowledge and belief placed with reputable and financially sound underwriters which are rated excellent by the professional rating agencies
  5. Prepare and submit pre-renewal and post-renewal reports of all insurance of our clients to relevant authority at least two (2) months before and after renewal

Physical Risk Management

ARB approach to risk management is one of ensuring that client needs are of utmost importance. Any work to be undertaken is discussed with the intention of complementing and expanding any risk management programme. In the instance that there is no risk management in place ARB will assist with establishing a full programme, making sure that the service to be provided are in complete agreement with the client.

The services ARB offers in terms of physical risk management covers

Insurance Market related reports Motor vehicle risk control
Post loss surveys Quality Assurance Audit
Fire risk control Environmental studies and audit